I mainly write about Soundwave, as he is my favorite character, or Shadow Striker. I have a headcanon that Soundwave is blind in the Cyberverse show.

Why Go Back?

Large plumes of smoke made it impossible for any Cybertronian to enter what remained of the Decepticon warehouse. Burnt energon created toxic fumes that could snuff out the spark of anyone who breathed it in. Shockwave could consider himself lucky that his persecution allowed for the safe passage through the rubble, but he didn't believe in luck.

Look Away

Currently incomplete. Will not be completing anytime soon. 2/?

Hot Rod liked to consider himself a simple mech. If he saw something, then he would comment on it. It didn’t matter the time or place. That was just the kind of mech he was. Honest to a fault. That attitude had gotten him in plenty of trouble throughout his life but he didn’t plan on changing anytime soon.

Girls' Night Out

The bar was busy, packed near maximum capacity with Autobots and Decepticons drinking, dancing, laughing, singing—basically anything and everything! The only transformer who seemed dour was Shadow Striker who had somehow found the darkest corner in the entire bar and shoved herself there the moment she was dragged past the threshold.


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