My most common works for this fandom involve Tsukishima Kei and the other first-years of Karasuno High School. These go into my headcanon that certain characters are hard of hearing and/or deaf/Deaf. These are all for fun. Hope you enjoy!

Similarities and Differences (The Discrepancy Between Older Siblings and Teammates)

The only sound in the otherwise quiet kitchen is the soft tapping of wooden chopsticks against ceramic bowls. Tanaka eyes the two blondes sitting across from him and Saeko. They seem to be silently communicating with a death glare spared every other second. At some point, Saeko points her pink pig chopsticks in Akiteru's direction.

"These are really cute, Tsukishima-kun!" she says, fierce excitement clear in her voice.

Laundry Day

The next three minutes are a blur as they put on their coats, grab the items Tsukishima left out for them, and put on their shoes. They barely spare a glance at Tsukishima when he practically puts the bentos in their hands. Then, like they were never really there in the first place, they close the door behind them and the house is suddenly left in near silence.

"Have a nice day," Tsukishima says, more to himself than anything else.

Breaking the Surface

Ukai has been trying to quit smoking ever since Ennoshita decided to take his turn to speak in a team meeting to give a powerpoint presentation about the negative effects of smoking cigarettes. It was color-coordinated, easy to look at, and the language used was simple but managed to get the point across. So, basically, it was a mortifying wakeup call for him and the students that had been caught trying to smoke outside of school. That was mainly because Ennoshita had cut them down so finely and passed out many detailed pamphlets.

The Gift Persimmons Bring

An old woman is sitting on a stool at the front counter. Her round, wrinkled face is sweet to look at, her chin smudged with persimmon ice cream. Akiteru orders for them all after taking everyone’s orders. The woman likes seeing him the most because he apparently reminds her of her son. Kei can attest that the resemblance is truly uncanny. He’s seen the aforementioned son but never when Akiteru is around nor with his cellphone.


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